What is TSearch?
TSearch is a cheat tool for games running under windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/windows 7/windows 8
Games store their values for money, energy, etc in memory which they are running. TSearch is first used for finding the location of theses values in memory and secondly to edit them. If the game features Alt-Tab protection you can use the network option to search the games memory (2 computers needed, and a friend). You can Search for ASCII or Hex chains too using the Hex Editor and easily edit the memory.
But TSearch is not a simple memory searcher, it allows you to easily to defeat games which are using DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation), the location of the values in memory change each time you start or even load a new game. You can even write your own scripts in asm and inject it into the game.
Size: 2MB
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Q.) How to use weapon without purchase/buy?Ans:-It's very simple if you watched my previous wild ones hack video & if you did not watch previous video yet then must watch previous video!!!

Required tools

1) Web Browser

2) Cheat engine

3) ofcourse Internet connection....hahahaha

ok letss come to the point!!!

Simply connect cheat engine to web browser and do all the process for unlimited weapon hack.

For unlimited weapon hack....watch previous "wild ones unlimited weapon hack video" on my youtube channel : www.youtube.com/user/clicknsurf33

Now open game and create shortcut/hotkey for weapon by using "shift + number key"
Example: shift + 0, shift + 1 etc....

Now only press number(example: 1,2,3...) and you will be shocked and will happy....
Now get all big weapon like lazer, good bye kiss, game over nuke...etc

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Watch Video Below

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Q.) How to hack unlimited weapon/ammo in wild ones game?
Ans:-It's very simple to hack any online game but now i am going to show you how to hack wild ones game. i mean unlimited weapon.

Simply follow some step and do this.

Require tool

1) Browser (mozilla, chrome, opera, etc..)

2) cheat engine (Third party freeware software)
Note: you can download it from www.clicknsurf.net

3) Install cheat engine after downloading

4) Connect cheat engine to web browser

Q.) how to connect cheat engine to web browser?
Ans:- simply follow simple steps

Q) How to connect cheat engine to web browser (Mozilla firefox)?
Ans:- Very simple to connect cheat engine to web browser

Note: Recommended browser Mozilla firefox and Google chrome

Simply follow some simple steps:-

step 1) Open cheat engine & open game (wild ones)

Step 2) Minimize web browser

Step 3) Click on "Select a process to open" in cheat engine.

Step 4) Find "plugin container.exe" (for mozilla firefox)

Step 5) Double click on "plugin container.exe" or single click on it and "open"

Step 6) Done!!!

Now You have connected cheat engine to web browser!!!

5) Start Practice game (Simply click on "Practice" in wild ones)

6) choose any room and click on "play"

7) click on "change weapon" and choose any other weapon whose number of quantities is more than 4 or 5

8) For example i have 12 cluster missile so type 12 in cheat engine value box & click on first scan

9) Fire in the air
Note: Now i have 11 cluster missile so type 11 in cheat engine value box & click on "next scan" (Now Don't click on new scan)

10) Now Do same thing  fire and type 10 in cheat engine value box & click on "next scan"

11) Now select the value and click on red arrow (look my cursor)

12) Again select the value and right click on it and then click on " Find out what writes to this address"

13) Now fire in the air last time

14) Select "new value" and click on show disassembler

15) click on "Tools" and click on "Auto assembler"

16) Now click on "Template" & click on " code injection"

17) Now delete "cmp eax,00" and replace "mov [ebx+54],eax" to "add [ebx+54],99"

18) Now copy changed value and paste on "Place your code here"

19) click on "Execute" and yes.

20) Done!! just close popup window and minimize cheat engine 
Note: Don't Close cheat engine

Now you change your weapon, you will see you have unlimited (x99) weapon

watch video below

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Wild ones is a very popular online game from playdom. you can play this game via facebook, google plus, playdom etc but many people only not playing this game they hack game that's why i wanna share wild ones game hack with you guys. Enjoy hack but don't miss use it!!!

Clicknsurf recommend to all you guys play fair because not so much fun with game hack, Try this & think!!!

Note: watch on youtube for 480P to 720P HD & 3D
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Size: 6.17MB

Right click on cheat engine exe file (software)

0) Run as administrator & Next
1) I accept the agreement (click on the check box)
2) next
3) next
4) next
5) next
6) I do not want to install driver scanner 2011 (click on the check box)
7) next
8) install
9) next
10) Finish
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